Highly personalized direct mail marketing communications have been proven to improve response rates because the message and offer are targeted directly to the recipient. Advances in digital and inkjet printing technology are making personalization easier and more affordable than ever to include personalized messages and offers on direct mail pieces.

At EclipseOne, we offer a wide range of options to personalize your mailings. We also offer endless fonts, tons of paper stocks, and a range of sizes to make your piece stand out.

  • Inkjet Personalization

    Our inkjet equipment is of the highest quality and utilizes the newest technology. We print at a minimum of 300 dpi on a multitude of stock types and sizes, with the option to print at 600 dpi. Plus, we offer spot color and endless font options. Any text can be printed within a total of 6” with separate 4” and 2” heads. These can be combined or separated for larger format pieces. We also have the ability to print on aqueous and UV-coated material.

  • Laser Personalization

    We have a variety of laser equipment and can print on a wide range of paper options, including card stock. Your piece can measure up to 13” x 19” for a variety of format options.

  • Barcodes

    We are fully equipped to print a variety of barcodes including, but not limited to:


    • 3 of 9
    • Code 128
    • QR Codes
    • UPC
    • 2D
    • Interleaved 2 of 5
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