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Has this happened to you or your business? You put hours of thought, energy, and strategy behind your direct mailing pieces, communications, or print marketing materials and for some reason, your materials don’t end up getting to your intended recipient. All that time and hard work, not to mention printing costs, will be for nothing. This happens far too often for businesses that utilize direct mail marketing to drive business. That’s why addressing or address verification is a crucial step in the mailing process.

Ensuring you have clean and accurate addresses for the targeted recipients you’re mailing to will help you get the most out of your marketing, sales, or general business efforts. We are the experts when it comes to addressing and mailing data at EclipseOne.

At EclipseOne, we know how important it is to have clean address data for targeted mailing efforts. We use the most advanced address cleansing and correction technologies to ensure your addresses are complete and correct.

Address verification, certification, and correction along with intelligent barcoding are all a standard part of our mailing procedure at EclipseOne. Taking the extra time to complete this process ensures all your mailing pieces reach your target recipients. The result minimizes the volume of returned mail by using in-house logistics to look for the lowest attainable rates available.

Our address verification procedure is just one phase in our mailing process at EclipseOne. We take your marketing materials and efforts from start to finish, from concept through printing, assembly, addressing, and mailing. For more information on the marketing materials and campaigns we mail out for our clients, check out our Mailing page.

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How can we help?