UV Coating

UV Coating

Adding a UV coating (ultraviolet coating) to your direct mail pieces can protect them in the mail and the glossy finish can enhance your designs. UV coating is a high gloss, shiny coating that can be applied to printed paper surfaces.  When applied, it creates a rich finished look that offers:

  • High Shine Finish

    Perfect for pieces with rich imagery or photography, especially on darker colors..

  • Abrasion Resistance

    Don’t worry about your mailer traveling through the postal stream, with UV coatings it will resist smudges and marks..

  • Durability

    Great for use on brochures, postcards and business cards that are high use and high touch pieces..

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Since these coatings are free of solvents – and don’t emit VOC’s – it’s a better option than other coatings for the environment..

  • Quick Drying Time

    UV light exposure cures the coatings almost instantaneously, so you won’t lose time during the production process..


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